You’ve tried your way…

I saw a political meme this morning that reminded me of a coaching hire years ago in Tyler County.  The Board of Education was hiring a high school coach and they were down to two candidates.  One person had high school head coaching experience and the other did not.  I remember a BOE member telling my dad that they hired the one without the experience because the one with the experience had already proven that he could not coach high school ball.  They did not yet know if the other candidate could coach or not.  One had been tried and hadn’t been successful, so they were willing to try someone else.

Sometimes when people are willing to give Jesus a try, it is when they are exhausted from always trying things their own way and failing repeatedly.  If you’ve tried to handle life on your own and it’s wearing you out, or if you are a borderline Christian still struggling with giving things up to Him, I pray that you would realize it is more than you can handle.  I pray that you will realize that you’ve tried your way long enough.  You were never meant to go it alone.  The enemy is too strong for you.  But God, who is rich in mercy, is willing to help you fight and carry you when you are too weak to fight.  You’ve tried your way.  Try His way.  Come to Jesus.

I have two videos for you to watch.  The first one is a 5 minute testimony and the second is a song.  Please watch them.







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