I forgot it was election day

When the alarm went off this morning it took me a second to remember why my alarm went off and Diane’s did not.  Usually I am awakened by her alarm because of her college classes.  I quickly remembered and got up.  I was thinking about different things, but I was not thinking about the election today.  I only remembered the election when I started up the road and saw a truck traveling with a sign on the back.  I also remembered that I did not have to slow down in the school zone because there is no school today. 

People who are running for political office woke up this morning knowing today is the day they have been waiting for.  They did not have to be reminded.  The teachers and students did not have to be reminded there was no school.  Those things were on their mind as soon as they woke up.

How often do you wake up and immediately think to yourself “this is a day The Lord has made!”?  How long does it take you to remember to pray?  Even a short prayer?  What’s the first thing you are thinking about on an average morning?  Do you run right to Facebook or right to The Lord? I offer you this idea: make a vow to say at least a brief prayer and read at least a paragraph from the Bible before you go to any social media every morning.  Click on the Bible app before you click on the Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram app.

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