You can’t go by feelings

This morning when we walked into the hallway in the basement of the church it felt warm.  It was 53 degrees outside and it was probably 64 inside.  Later this afternoon it will be 74 degrees outside and the hallway will feel cool, even though the hall temperature will still be about 64 degrees.  The hall feels warmer or colder, not because the hall temperature changes, but by what temperature we’ve been used to on the outside before we walk into the building.

Our American society is placing greater and greater emphasis on feelings. And as our society drifts further and further from God’s Word, it may feel like God’s Word is out of touch with our modern day lives.  And the truth is that our modern day lives are out of touch with God’s Word.

As our society continues to descend deeper into moral decay, those who hold fast to God’s Word are going to be seen even more as as haters and eventually even as threats to the American society.  The Bible tells us that this will happen.  But thank God that in the end we are not defined by how society feels about us or even by how society tries to make us feel.  We are to hold fast to God and His ways, taking comfort in how He feels about us who are His children.

(And for those who endorse the moral decay who say they are fighting for God’s marginalized children, we must realize not everyone is His child.  You are only His child through repentance and forgiveness available through Jesus, and then you follow His Word instead of your feelings and/or instead of a misguided society).






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