You have no idea what’s God is doing behind the scenes

IMG_6813Our church has a Roomba for the sanctuary.  For those who don’t know, a Roomba is about the roundness of a Little Caesar’s pizza and about 3 inches tall.  We bought it because it’s really difficult to run a vacuum between the pews.  It is programmed to run a couple of times a week, but I also move it around some and hit the clean button and let it go.  It is at work right this minute in the sanctuary while I am working on the blog in the pastor’s office.  In programming it to run, I made sure to have it going overnight.  How exciting would it be to have it going on a Sunday morning as people were coming in for church?  That would obviously not work.  It is at work while nobody is watching and people are oblivious to the work it does.

God is like that in some ways.  He is always at work in ways we cannot see.  Yesterday Diane and I were in Fort Ashby and there was a young child on a bicycle leaving the 7-Eleven.  The child was waiting to cross Route 28.  No cars were coming from the other direction so I stopped and let the child go across the road.  With a loaf of bread dangling from one of the hands that had a firm grip on the handlebars, he or she darted across the road and out of sight.  And in that very moment, I wondered to myself if God had placed me there to let the youngster cross the road because that child would have gotten hit by a car otherwise.  I am really strange in that way.  But I think it’s part of my understanding that God is always at work.  Sometimes He is at work in ways that we can see, but I am convinced that 99% of His work goes unnoticed.  His work occurs not only in what happens, but also in preventing things from happening.

It’s a comfort that He is never caught off guard.  It’s a comfort to know that He is never off duty.  It’s a comfort to know that He is always on the throne.  John Calvin wrote:

The sense then is, that as God never slumbers even in the smallest degree, we need not be afraid of any harm befalling us while he is asleep.

During times of ease and times of pain, in good times and in bad, when you are in a good mood and when you are depressed, He is always at work.  Take comfort, Christian.  Lift your head, Christian.  He is doing something.





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