Looking for joy

Leonard Ravenhill writes, “…no money has been minted yet that can buy true joy.”  I would add that no vacation has been taken, no automobile has been purchased, no spouse (or boyfriend or girlfriend) has been attained, no job or promotion has been gained, no sunset has been viewed, no meal has been consumed, no victory has been won, and no home has been built that can give you or me true joy.  If someone does not have joy living in their small home and driving their 10 year old car, they will not have lasting joy living in a mansion driving a Mercedes.

JoyJoy is the by-product of serving Jesus.  Ravenhill says joy is the by-product of a life invested in Christian service.  St. Augustine said that we are made for God and that our hearts are restless until our hearts find God.

It is sad (though not unexpected) to see people who have sacrificed so much and spent so much time attaining wealth, security, possessions or status, yet they are incomplete.  And it can even happen to people who are working their way up the church ladder.  People get used to what they have and constantly long for something else and something better.  When you find Jesus, there is nothing better.  And any angst or yearning I still find in myself once I have Jesus, is only a longing to serve Him more and serve Him better.  It’s not a lack of joy.  I’m not longer looking for joy.

“Now I am coming to you. I told them many things while I was with them in this world so they would be filled with My joy.” Jesus speaking in John 17:13


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