Never out of nourishment

I heard a sermon once from Pastor Jonathan Martin was struggling and he had stumbled into a church and went for Holy Communion.  At the precise moment it got to his turn, they ran out of bread.  The person serving communion shrugged her shoulders and looked at him.  He told that story to illustrate the feeling we have sometimes that God is “out of grace”.

IMG_6928I thought of that story because of the suet being empty for the birds this morning at our house.  Those birds devour 2 suets a day.  They would eat more if I would put more out.

It’s a reminder to me that God never runs out of grace.  He never turns away anyone who seek Him.  He never has an empty feeder and never shrugs His shoulders as if to say, “What can I say? We’re out!  Try again some other time.”

God’s arms are always open.  His grace is a well that never runs dry.  He is ready to take you back again and again.  He is ready to offer you love, comfort, forgiveness, or whatever it is you need – even if it is simply the strength to make it through this day.  That’s the picture of God that Christians have been given and that’s the God I have come to know.  I pray you know this about Him, too.





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