God’s not done

I remember a t-shirt from when I was a kid that had a picture of Garfield the cat and it said, “What, me worry?”  Garfield was not easily flustered.  I tend to worry when I think things are up to me.  I don’t worry as much when I remember everything is under God’s sovereign authority.

I recently visited with someone who some would have considered belligerent about Jesus.  The person said he had heard it all from every pastor for 60 years and I was not going to convert him either.  I told him that we were in agreement that I was not going to convert him, that it was not within my ability to convert anyone.  All I can do is tell people what the Bible tells us about our need for forgiveness, how to receive the needed forgiveness, and then it is between God and themselves.  It’s up to God.

As I left, I was not sad or insulted.  All I could think was “God’s not done.”  God’s not done with that person.  God’s not done.  That short sentence is among the most powerful, encouraging, and hopeful words we could ever utter or think.

I am supposed to tell you today that whatever it is that concerns you…. God’s not done.






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