Between the Sundays

IMG_6959This morning from the pastor’s office window at the church I can see Diane running around the parking lot.  The Flintstones comes to mind.  I always noticed the same rock and tree going by in the background as Fred and Barney were running or in their car.  It has to be difficult to run around the parking lot running by the same playground, the same picnic shelter, the same trash bin, the same houses, all alone.  It’s difficult to run by yourself.  When you have someone or a group to run with, you go even when you do not want to because you know the others are expecting you.   It’s a disciplined person who can go running by themselves.  It’s not unlike going to exercise at the gym.  I’m proud of Diane for her faithfulness.

A relationship with Jesus came to my mind when I saw her.  A relationship with Jesus is defined by what happens between Sundays when nobody is watching and nobody is holding you accountable and nobody is applauding you.  Satan has deluded many people into thinking that attending church constitutes a relationship with Jesus.  Some people get upset when someone tells them that going to church does not make them a Christian.  All going to church does is make you a church goer.  Does a relationship with Jesus convince you of the need to be connected to a local church?  I believe it does.  Does being connected to a local church mean you automatically have a relationship with Jesus?  It absolutely does not.  In a sermon I listened to today from David Wilkerson, he said “Even an all night prayer meeting once a week with 500 people is nothing but a prideful show if those people aren’t praying the rest of the week in the privacy of their own homes.”

And if God’s people would pray through the week, Sunday morning worship would become so powerful that it would carry them through to pray and seek the Lord the rest of the week!  If you pray all week, your pastor’s sermon is even going to be better!!!!!!  Leonard Ravenhill relayed that when he preached in 1972 in Jacksonville, Florida the spirit of the church was so cold and unreceptive that it took all the strength he had to combat the spiritual coldness he felt each night just to get up to preach.  And it wasn’t because Ravenhill wasn’t praying.

It starts and ends with prayer when nobody else is watching.








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