Exit plans

Our mission team is making great progress drywalling a home this week in South Carolina.  We will finish drywall and probably start mudding it today. However, there is one wall we can’t do until another electric outlet gets put it because it’s not up to building code without that extra outlet.  There are all kinds of rules or codes when it comes to buildings.  

There is an exit code that requires bedrooms to be within so many feet of an exit door to the outside of the home.  Denise, whose home we are working on, said her plan to exit her home was when the water reached the second step coming up to her home.  When it hit that step she fled as was her exit plan. 

I had a dream that woke me up early this morning.  I fell into a great ravine and began falling.  Then I woke up.  I was startled as I was falling, but not afraid. I have an exit plan for this life.  Jesus is my exit plan.  Yet, He is also so much more. If He is just your exit plan and not The Lord of your earthly life, He’s not really your exit plan.  That thinking is of the devil.  The devil’s biggest weapon is giving us a false sense of security.  You know your exit strategy will be effective if You are living for Him while you’re alive.  If you live for Him, it’s an assurance that His death was for you.  And you need not fear life nor death.  And when it’s your time to go, your exit plan is His entrance plan.





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