Can you help me?

We’re safely back from our mission trip to Andrews, SC.  While there are a dozen other things I should be doing, I wanted to share this with you.

IMG_7086Our construction site supervisor told us at the beginning of the week that he was a carpenter, not a truck driver.  But he has to pull a large tool trailer with a truck and he does his best.  One day he asked one of our team to help by directing him to back in to a narrow space.  So our guy, who has spent his life backing fire trucks and equipment, was the man.  Our guy yells cut it, then yells, “The other way”.  It almost seems like the driver is not listening and the trailer is heading into the weeds.  We all yell “Whoa”.  They did finally get the trailer backed in.

It struck me that if Jesus were telling new parables today, He would use different illustrations than He did then.  One would go like this:

Me:  Jesus, can You help me to know how I should live once I am saved?

Jesus:  There was once a man who was backing up a trailer.  He asked for someone to direct him and the person to direct him was provided.  Yet the driver of the trailer did not listen to the directions and instead backed the trailer into the weeds.  I have given the world My written Word to instruct those in it, but most choose to ignore My Word.  They take it out of context and refuse to believe what I said.  Those who do so are like a man who will not listen to directions and backs his trailer into the weeds where it can not be unloaded.

If you disagree with parts of the Bible, you do not do yourself any favors by ignoring it, by thinking Jesus could not have meant what He said, or by believing God has now changed His mind for our advanced society.  You and I must regard His Word as truth, and it is we who must change, not God’s Word.





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