People who Change the World

Rev. Mike Slaughter from Ginghamsburg UMC started a “Change the World” campaign at the church he pastors and wrote a book with the same title in 2010.  The UMC embraced the theme and began a “Change the World Day”.  It fizzled out in 2014.  It ended up being just another fad or phase.  It is not that difficult for someone to be motivated or excited for a season.  It does not require the Holy Spirit and is not even necessarily a movement of God.

saltandlightWe, as God’s people, are indeed called to change the world.  We are called to be salt and light.  But without the Lord, we cannot be what we are called to be.  Without the Holy Spirit, the salt loses it’s flavor.  And as the light, it’s not a light that we emit.  We are only a reflection of Jesus.  So as we grow distant from Him, the reflected light starts to grow dim until it is no longer visible.  As we interact less and less with Jesus, we have no chance of changing the world.  As a matter of fact, the unthinkable happens:  the world starts to change us.

The world will not be changed by pew sitters.  It will not be changed by people who merely attend church on Sundays.  It will be changed by people who sit and kneel praying and reading their Bibles on a daily basis.  There have been seasons in my life as a pastor that I have neglected to be faithful praying and reading the Bible every day.  But no more.  If I am to be who Jesus has called me to be, I need His help.  And I can best receive his help when I sit down with Him every day.  And if you’re a pew sitting part time church attender, do not think I’m encouraging you to step away from the church as some will do or have done.  I’m encouraging you to go beyond just attending church.  I’m encouraging you to begin spending time between Sundays with Jesus, and in doing so you will change and so will your world.







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