Personally invested in the WV flood relief

The phrase “Out of sight, out of mind” is not meant as an admirable term.  We have a tendency to think about and pray about things that personally affect us.  Celebrities often become a spokesman or spokeswoman for a cause that they have a personal connection with.  Brad Paisley, a singer from West Virginia, feels a connection to the people of WV so it comes natural to him to raise money for the flooding that occurred 2 weeks ago through 44 of our 55 counties.  If a loved one has a certain illness or disease, we will often work to raise money for the cause.  Yet, most of the time, things only keep our attention for a short while.

IMG_7127Today I will leave with some others to form a team of 9 people heading to the Charleston WV area to serve with Samaritan’s Purse for the next 3 days to assist homeowners with flood recovery.  While I have prayed for those impacted by the flooding and for the volunteers helping them, I have done it from a distance.  I haven’t prayed for them like the people who live there have prayed.  I pray and then my life goes on.  I am too wrapped up in my own life.  Lord, break my heart for what breaks yours by helping me focus on You, first and foremost.










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