One step toward God

  10 of us are serving on a short mission trip in West Virginia helping flood victims by tearing out the necessary parts of their homes so the homes can dry out. Yesterday I told some members of our team that most people miss the best part of mission trips.  Most people get so focused on the physical work that they miss talking to the local people. I asked some of our team if they wanted to go hear a neighbor tell their story.  Three people said yes and we walked out of the home we were working on to head across the street to the people sitting on the porch.

Before we got to the end of the sidewalk, someone walked up looking at some of the stuff we had carried to the curb to be hauled away. As we began to talk, we found out it was the next door neighbor.  We spent a good 30-45 minutes hearing her story, seeing the work going on inside her home, and praying with her. It will be the best part of the trip for the part if our team that spent that time with her. It’s also a part of the healing process for the people here. 

And it was an awesome reminder that sometimes all any of us have to do is turn toward God and perhaps take one single step in His direction and He will meet us there. In our case, we didn’t even have to cross the street.





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