When obedience is not exciting

  My wife Diane and I are on a mission trip outside of Charleston, West Virginia. It’s our third three day stint in the last four weeks helping homeowners recover from flooding. God has used Diane and Me to help 18 others come and serve over the course if those three trips.  Previously, I have been the one slithering  in a muddy crawl space ripping out stinky, heavy, water soaked insulation, and have been the one tearing down walls and ripping up floors. 

Today finds me sitting in a garage with Cody, the dog who lives here, watching a young man spray a crawl space to kill the mold.  The policy is the person spraying cannot be alone, so my only job is to be here in case he runs into trouble. Everyone else is a mile up the road at another home doing the exciting stuff.  And I would not have it any other way. Others who are on their first trip here would probably be thinking “I traveled nearly 4 hours to assist homeowners and I’m sitting in a clean garage doing nothing.”

Sometimes being obedient to God is downright boring.  Sometimes it is mundane.  Sometimes it requires you to change diapers & wipe runny noses.  Sometimes obedience requires you to do dishes and the laundry.  Sometimes it requires you to go to a job you do not prefer. 

Diane and I are both in our 50’s and have been through many seasons in our lives.  We are currently in a season that God is calling us to go places & lead people into a deeper relationship with Jesus through occasional mission trips.

What you and I have to be careful of is that neither of us think I am being more obedient than you or you being more obedient than me.  All Jesus wants is for us to do what He calls us to do.  Sometimes it’s exciting, and sometimes it’s mundane.  Sometimes it’s going to Haiti and sometimes to the grocery store.  And over different seasons of our lives He will change it up.  So don’t underestimate whatever He has called you to today. He trusts nobody but you to do it.





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