The truth is the truth no matter what you believe

wvfloodteam1Last week as a group of us worked on homes in the Kanawha County, WV area that were flooded in late June.  We’ve taken several teams over several weeks.  At this point, most of the nearly 30 people who have gone with us know what is necessary to make the home safe to inhabit.  There’s too much to tell you in this short space, but there are hard truths that the homeowners need to hear.  Just to give you an idea, we find where the water rose to in the home and in most cases we remove everything below that line until we get down to the bare wood and then we spray all the bare wood with Shockwave fungicide.  Appliance motors are ruined so they have to go.  Hardwood floors get trashed because mold will flourish between the hardwood floor and the sub-floor, where the mold spray cannot reach.

At a briefing last week, the Samaritan’s Purse Disaster Response leaders told us that sometimes the homeowners go against the advice given to them.  A homeowner may not want the hardwood floor pulled up, but instead want it left in place.  When that happens, we have no choice but to obey the wishes of the homeowner, even though we know that it is wrong to leave the flooring down.  All we can do is tell them what is necessary and what the results will be if they do not what is required.  We are not doing the people any favors if we know that the drywall has mold or will eventually mold all the way to the ceiling and we tell them it will be OK to leave it up.  How cruel is it to know the truth and not tell them?  If we lie to them and tell them it will be OK, they may consider the lies good news right now, but one day they will hate us for not telling them the truth.  At least if we tell them the truth, they know what to expect if they choose to disregard the truth.

This could very well be a modern day parable of the Good News of forgiveness available through Jesus.  It is much easier to tell people not to worry about their sins – that they can live however they want because God loves them and wants them to be happy.  It’s easier to tell those in other faiths/religions that their way is just as good as Jesus and we will all be in heaven together one day.  This is becoming the norm for the American church!  It’s so widespread that the minority of the church and pastors who call the lost world and sinners to repentance are considered hateful, labelled ****phobes by a secular world and a lukewarm church.  It is not hate that makes me tell a homeowner their floor needs to come up or tell a sinner that they need to repent.  On the contrary, it is love and concern.

When you know what is required to salvage a home and to keep the occupants healthy, or when you read God’s Word and see in black and white (and sometimes red) what is required to see a soul saved, and you take it upon yourself to spread untruths just so you can tell people what they want to hear, that is just about as unloving as you can be.

 And now I make one more appeal, my dear brothers and sisters. Watch out for people who cause divisions and upset people’s faith by teaching things contrary to what you have been taught. Stay away from them.  Such people are not serving Christ our Lord; they are serving their own personal interests. By smooth talk and glowing words they deceive innocent people.
                                                                             ~ Romans 16:17-18

Much of the church has reached the point of indifference towards truth. They maintain the structure of the church and Bible, but abandon the truths, going so far as to detach Christianity from historical Biblical teaching, all to be less offensive to our modern world. ~ John Piper (paraphrased)






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3 Responses to The truth is the truth no matter what you believe

  1. Sandy says:

    Great Blog, I am sitting here working on placing teams in flood area with home owners. I know exactly what you mean about telling them they have to tear up their floor or remove walls to get ride of mold, etc. If not it will come back to harm them eventually. Better to fix it now than wait until a person gets sick or maybe dies! I am going to pass your blog around! Blessings. Sandy

  2. This has to be one of the best metaphors for the Good News and repentance that I’ve ever heard! Thanks for the insight.

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