Speak Lord, for your servant is listening

I can’t quit bragging on God. I’m cleaning my van of the drywall crumbs and dirt from three mission trips to WV flooding. I have K-Love on the radio and Ryan Stevenson comes on to talk about his song “Eye of the Storm” and how that song came from 8
years of Ryan serving as a paramedic before his record deal. 

And while I’ve never heard God’s voice, I constantly hear Him speak. He made clear to me what I’m supposed to preach on 9/11. We have invited all the Short Gap VFC volunteers to be with us that day so we can thank them at our 11:00 worship. Part of how we are supposed to thank them is to encourage them that in the eye of the storm, He remains in control… That when our sails are torn, Jesus remains our anchor. That when these men and women race toward the emergency, that God is already there. 

He still speaks if we will only listen.  





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