God has better plans

rainbowsmallLast night we were having our first prayer walk between our local high school and middle school (we’re meeting every night this week).  The prayer walk was scheduled for 7:00.  At 6:15, the skies opened up letting loose a strong, steady rain. I had been praying that the rain would hold off until after the prayer walk.  As He always does, God had better plans.  The rain quit by 6:35 and as it got closer and closer to 7:00, the temperatures dropped from 96 degrees to the upper 70’s.  God painted the sky with shades of orange, tan, blue, gray, and yellow.  And then, at 7:05, just as the 30 of us were about to bow and open in a group prayer, I spotted a piece of a rainbow.  I pointed it out to the group and said, “That’s a good sign.”

rainbowprayerwalk We prayed, and dispersed at our own pace for individual prayer.  Some who could not walk any distance leaned on their own cars and prayed, some walked on the track and prayed, some walked short distances and prayed, some prayed as they walked to the middle school and back.  And the glory of the Lord shone around us.  The rainbow grew bigger and brighter, and the skies came alive with even  more color.

And I thought about my prayer.  I’m glad God did not listen to me and hold back the rain.  He knew what He was going to do.  He had better plans.  And it was going to require the rain.













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1 Response to God has better plans

  1. God knows better than we do in both the little things and the big things. How great is our God!

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