Happy Anniversary

Today is our 30th wedding anniversary.  30 years ago today (the same day Elvis died, though not the same year) we were married in the Sistersville First United Methodist Church.  The many choices we have made as we have traveled our long and winding road have led us to celebrate our 30th anniversary in Short Gap.

There have been times we would never have chosen to go through if we could have avoided them.  There were decisions we would have made differently looking back.  Yet somehow, in ways that neither of us can understand, the God who is Himself outside of the constraints of time, has used this time, these 30 years to:

  • mold us into who we are
  • lead us to where we are
  • prepare us for what is to come

He is able to work with our imperfect ways and through our imperfect choices, past, present, and future.  And He is able to accomplish His good and perfect plan in us in spite of us.  And there’s no doubt in my mind that He has us where He wants us.  I thank Him for saving Diane and me and for giving us each other.  And I thank Him that no matter where the road leads us from here, that He is our guide as we traverse the remainder of this life’s path.

To tell you our story is to tell you of hope that wouldn’t let go, of love that never gave up, of grace that is greater than all our sin.  To tell you our story is to tell of Him.









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