Does Jesus stand before you or do you stand before Him?

This is not butterflies and flowers today.  It’s just flat out theology.  So I promise to be brief if you promise to give it a shot. 

I read a little from Dietrich Bonhoeffer today.  I was struck when he said that modern society (and his “modern society” was 75 years ago) wants to bring Christianity before the modern age to judge Christianity.  We check to see if the New Testament is relevant and has anything for more sophisticated, enlightened people, such as ourselves.  And this seems to me to be one of the main reasons that Christianity in America is falling by the wayside. 

Bonhoeffer says the present age does not announce its claim/judgement before/upon Christ, but Christ always announces His claim/judgement before and upon the present age.   We do not judge Jesus or His Word.  He and His Word judge us.  Too many are too willing to compromise God’s Word to gain the approval of society.  The modern church acts as if our job is to make Jesus relevant to our generation so that His teachings agree with the world.  When we do that, it never brings people to Jesus.  It only distorts the truth of God’s message and changes God’s people so that they become more like the world.  (And in the off chance that someone does come to Jesus under false pretenses, have they really come to Jesus?) 

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed to offer forgiveness through repentance and to give people in the society the opportunity to agree with Him…. or they can disagree and look down on God and His people, until the day of judgement when they realize they were wrong.






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