You have a role in the kingdom

Yesterday a few people talked to me about their desire for their kids to be part of a vibrant church youth program.  At the onset of the conversation, I assumed it was leading to, “So we are going to find a church that offers something more for our kids.”  Instead, they made it clear that they did not want to leave this church to find it, but they wanted it to happen here.  And they were not telling me what they wanted as an effort to put the ball in my court to see that it gets done, but they want to play a part in bringing that about.

Also yesterday, someone stood up in one of our Sunday morning worships and said they felt led to start a teen group.  And yet another person told me they would take the lead working on a mobile home in the area for a woman who needed her floor worked on.

If the tide is to be turned in the American church, it will be because the people who make up the church begin to realize that they have a part to play in God’s Kingdom.  The pastor’s job is not to meet all the needs of all the people and keep the people happy.  That would be impossible.  The pastor’s job is to feed and care for the congregation in order to equip the people of the church to:

a.) meet the needs of each other (Ephesians 4:11-13)
b.) reach their community & world with the Good News (Matthew 28:16-20).

I posted a few weeks ago on Facebook that

“If you find yourself saying in church ‘someone needs to…’, then it is probably God telling you that YOU need to.”

The Holy Spirit is on the move in our church.  I cannot wait to see what He does in and through His people.







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