This season of your life

We all know that the start of the school year is not the the end of summer according to the calendar.  But if you have any students in your house, like I do, it seems like summer is over.  Officially, about three more weeks and another summer will be in the books.

Diane will have her first day of classes today at Frostburg State University.  It is her senior year and she will graduate in May!  (Her senior trip will probably be a mission trip).  Again, this is but a season in her life that will soon be over.

seasonsI like the idea of looking at life in seasons.  I’m not talking about spring, summer, fall, and winter, but just the fact that life is ever-changing.  Seeing life as “seasons” helps me to make it through the tough times and appreciate the good times.  And the tough times are not a waste or something to be merely endured.  There are some things we can only learn in life’s valleys.  The tough times were/are not in vain if we allow God to use them for our good.  So whatever season today finds you in, remember that seasons change.  And God works in our lives in every season and is always with us.





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