I hope you find what you need

Diane, Matt, and I taking a break from serving with the Elisha Project

Diane, Matt, and I taking a break from serving with the Elisha Project

Our friend George Ortiz, who I blogged about a year ago, was broadcasting live on Facebook today.  Every Saturday he, his family, his church, and other servant volunteers feed hundreds of people in Providence, RI across the street from Rhode Island’s largest homeless shelter.  And while many the feed are homeless, many also are not.  There are a lot who are not homeless, yet still struggle.

George said a couple of things today that really struck me.  He said, “This is how we do it.”  He said that most people think their program is about feeding people.  He said it’s primarily about mobilizing the church to do what the church was designed to do and meet people where they are.  What I hear in that is that we have this mistaken idea that they are to come to us in the church.  George and the church he leads go to the people.  He knows their names, and he has nicknames for them.  I heard George call one guy “Alabama”.  He called another “Doctor”.  And while he’s out, he does invite them to come to church, of course.  But they do not sit in their church wondering why people are not coming.  They go out and show the love of God to the people right where the people are.  It’s a great picture of the church that Jesus instituted.

The other thing he said that hit me was when he told one of the people receiving food, “I hope you find what you need.”  I’m going to start telling people that.  It’s really a trick blessing, because you and I who love Jesus know what they need.  People who do not have Jesus need Jesus.  People who have Jesus (like me and you) need more Jesus.  That’s it.  There are certainly hundreds and thousands of needs that fall under those two categories.  But when I say it to someone, those words will be my code prayer to God to lead that person to know Him or know Him better, and then He can decide how that will occur by filling other needs or driving them to their knees.

To you who read and share my blog, I thank you.  And I do hope you find this day what you need.  And if you’d like to learn more about or even financially support The Elisha Project, here’s their link.







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2 Responses to I hope you find what you need

  1. Scott – as usual it was a great read. But more importantly, you tapped into the two things that God uses to move the gospel:
    – action
    – faith

    I am not the least bit suprised that you figured out my code prayer (I hope you find what you need) because we have the same Spirit living in us. That has been my code now for quite some time. And also my quiet prayer when even atheist confront me on the streets.

    Plenty of times it has led to the person asking if I knew what they needed…and we always do.

    Thank you and Diane for your prayers and your labors. God bless you and your family. May He meet every need and fill your house with Love.

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