What I remember about 9/11

nursinghomeAny of us with any age at all on us remember where we were when we were watching the television this day 15 years ago.  I was at home because the insurance adjuster was looking at the damage caused by a washer hose that busted in our house.  The secretary from my work called me and I turned the TV on to see the plane hit the second tower.  That was the moment when everyone knew the first plane was not an accident.  Even Vice-President Dick Chaney said (last night in a documentary I watched) when the second plane hit the second tower was when he realized what was going on.  It was inconceivable.

There was no talk about separation of church and state.  Prayer was being lifted up from government buildings and people were pouring into churches.  It’s a shame that it usually takes a life altering event to “wake us up”.  And it is more of a shame that we “fall back to sleep” in no time.

When I go to the nursing homes, I always think about the people in the beds and wheel chairs and I remember they were young once.  I wonder what they would have done differently 30-50 years ago when they were healthy and able… things they cannot do today.  I think about things they worried about that did not matter.  Arguments that were irrelevant.  I remind myself that in 10-30 years that could very well be me lying there.  And I am wakened up to live, to serve Jesus, and to do those things that I will wish I had done when I am no longer able to do them.

What I remember most about 9/11 is what I am reminded of at nursing homes and hospitals: that for a moment we remember what matters.  And how quickly we forget what matters.







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