One step closer to heaven

I marvel at the untrue things that people share on Facebook that they pass off as truth.  Photoshopped pictures, lies about statistics, and so on.  All passed on as though they are true.  It is modern day false advertising.

The devil is the ultimate false advertiser.  He calls what is bad, good.  He goes so far as to advertise hell as heaven.  I heard a preacher say a brothel never has the advertising slogan, “One step closer to hell.” No. What would they say?  “One step closer to heaven”, right?  Except we all know that’s a lie for all involved.

Satan peddles false advertising in many different ways.  He advertises sin as something pleasant, when he knows it only leads to destruction.  He advertises God as too confining and boring, when the truth is that living a life with Holy Spirit’s guidance has mountaintop moments that are unpredictable, exhilarating, and fulfilling.  What Satan offers as exciting never fails to leave you with regret.

And to those who do want to turn their lives over to Jesus, the enemy of God advertises Jesus as all love and grace… that Jesus does not see your sin as sin, does not call you live a holy life, and that you do not really have to follow Him, but just believe.  And those things too are lies.  Even the demons believe who Jesus is.  They do not, however, repent of their sin, strive for a more holy life, and/or follow Jesus.

This is a type of blog or sermon that most do not like to read or hear.  It’s too narrow and judgemental.  But I’ll tell you this about truth in advertising.  The Bible shows us that Jesus would just assume people walk away from the truth than come to Him through false advertising.  Because the false advertising the enemy peddles does not really lead to Him.






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