When the storms come

img_7873We have heavy equipment on the church property today.  The equipment is here to begin to alleviate the drainage problems we have here at the church.  When it rains, we are getting lots of water onto the church property from up the hill.  The people doing it for us are going to cut a new ditch in the adjoining property and repair an existing ditch next to the church.  The  people who to come to church on Sundays will be oblivious to the new drainage pattern.  But this work, going on away from the view of nearly everyone, is going to make a big difference when the storms come.  We are going to be better prepared to handle the deluge when they do.

If Jesus were telling parables in modern day language, He might use one here:

There was a man who had water problems when it rained.  When it rained, all the water flooded the man’s property and caused all kinds of damage.  When it was not raining, the man had better things to do than re-route the water away from his property.  Because he was too busy to prepare for the storms, he was devastated when the rains came.img_7872

Wise is the man or woman who prepares for the storms.

My followers who spend time with Me while the weather is clear, through prayer, attending church, and reading My Word, remain close to Me and find shelter in Me when the storms of life come their way.

Are you preparing for the rain and storms?






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