the growth of the church

A friend of mine sent me a message today about my sermon yesterday.  This friend is experiencing unbelievable growth in her church.  I think she had over 20 new members last year.  And I told her that God was at work in her church is a mighty way.  I told her He was at work in a mighty way in our church too, but in a different way.

img_7917I was reminded of some notes I have in my Bible.  Through the early part of the book of Acts there were times that thousands of people were added to the church and there were other times (like in Acts 5:13 and Acts 6:1-6) when the church grew spiritually, but the numbers did not increase.  In my notes, I have written “Quantity” and “Quality” and “Quantity” and “Quality”.  While I’m not insinuating that my friend’s church is not multiplying in quality, there are certainly times when a church will multiply in quality and not in quantity and vice versa.  Our church is growing in quality right now.  I know that the growth of some of the people in our church will lead to more people coming to our church.  I know this because all through Acts, the church that grows in quality eventually grows in quantity.  Yet, the objective of the church must never be quantity, or that’s all you’ll get.

In summary, if you love Jesus, you must understand that He set up the church.  I know the church today doesn’t look exactly like the church Jesus set up, but this is what we have right now and He rules and overrules and works through the imperfections of the modern version of the church to accomplish His purposes.

And I have heard people who say they love Jesus and say they do not need to go to church to be a Christian.  If those people are truly Christian, they must be immature Christians.  Because “I don’t need the church” is a selfish attitude.  What if the church needs them?  (Wowser, I did not see the blog going here when I began it.)  Immature Christians need the church and mature Christians are needed by the church.

If you love Jesus and attend church, you must do more than show up on Sundays or every other Sunday.  You must grow as a Christian.  And if you do not attend church and you consider yourself a Christian, you need to get into a church (and after my selfish comment, if you do decide to go to church I guess it will not be this one.)  God is interested in the growth of the church – one way or another.





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