You’ve Got Choices

Today we fed people at the Union Rescue Mission in Cumberland, MD.  We had chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, country gravy, and plain old chicken gravy.  Lunchtime is a lot more laid back at the mission because people can come in any time from 11:30-1.  For dinner in the evenings, it’s only 30 minutes from 5-5:30 and it’s pretty hectic.  Since we had more time today, we sent the volunteers from the church out to ask each individual person what they preferred.  Would you like your chicken on a sandwich?  Would you like it without a bun with gravy on it?  The country gravy is peppery – do you like that?  Or would you rather have plain old poultry gravy?  The last time we were there people could choose between pork barbeque sandwiches or chicken.  I like offering the people there choices.  They do not get many choices.  Normally they get a plate of food and they can take it or leave it.  And God forbid we would ever have the attitude, “They should just be grateful they’re getting anything”.

When I think of giving them choices, I think about how God gives us choices.  One time I heard a preacher preach a sermon titled, “God’s Will is Whatever”.  He said a teacher may pray asking God for guidance because she has to choose whether to teach 2nd grade or 5th grade this year, and it’s quite possible that either is fine with God.  It’s quite possible that God would say, “Either is fine.  Whichever one you choose, do it for My glory”.

One of our volunteers feeding at the mission.

One of our volunteers feeding at the mission.

Once we come to Jesus, He commands us to follow.  That part is not optional.  Yet He is so gracious that He often allows us to serve him in ways that we love.  Some follow Him to the ends of the earth and some follow Him as they remain in the same community their entire lives.  Some follow by visiting nursing homes and others follow by going to the rescue mission.  Sometimes following Him means picking up a shovel and sometimes it means picking up a spoon.  He often gives you a choice about how you will follow Him.  But if you are His, not to follow is not a choice He gives you.





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