When to provide shelter

img_7953We have a few outdoor plants that we want to keep over the winter.  However, these are not plants that will survive our winters.  Last night we brought the plants in to protect them from the possible frost.  We will put them back out today after the threat passes.  The weather prediction for the next ten days looks safe to leave them out.  Because I want what is best for the plants, I will put them out and take them in as needed until they need to come in and remain for the winter.  Then, in the spring I will readjust them to outdoor life by incrementally exposing them to the direct sunlight and again protecting them from the spring frosts until it’s safe to leave them out full time.

This morning as I walked past these plants I imagined them “looking out the window”img_7954 yearning for the outdoors.  If they could speak, they might ask me why I brought them in last night and did not allow them to remain outdoors where they are comfortable.   And they might especially be bothered that the autumn wreaths are still hanging on the outside. “Why did they get to stay out?” the live plants might ask.  Sometimes God reaches and teaches and reminds me with these third grade illustrations to get His point across to me.  And through this blog I share them with you.

He knows your needs.  We cannot judge His care for us by how we perceive He is handling other people.  He knows when the struggle will do you good and how much you can bear.  He knows when you need sheltered, and on the other hand when being exposed to some trial or tribulation will make you stronger or help you to turn to Him and/or trust Him more.  He sees the extended forecast and is making the appropriate decisions because of His concern for and great love for you.





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