Whatever it takes to get elected

Some (most?) politicians will say or do anything to get elected.  Truth will not stand in the way.  You really can’t take as a fact anything that comes out of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump’s mouth.  What each of them says might be true, and it might not.  If you disagree with that last sentence, then you are not thinking objectively.  In giving them the benefit of the doubt, they may well justify their lies by the phrase “The end justifies the means”.   In this case the phrase would mean that each of them thinks they know and are going to do what is best for the country, so whatever lies they have to tell to get elected is OK, because in the end all that matters is that he/she is elected president.  And each of them has people out working on their behalf spinning and covering for, and in some cases believing the lies, trying to make the lies more palatable.

sociallyacceptablejesusSometimes followers of Jesus act as if our job is to make Jesus more palatable.  We certainly do not have to cover up any lies since Jesus never lied.  But He did say some things that can rub our society the wrong way.  And we can have a tendency to dilute His Word so that people will approve of Him.  We act as if having them follow a more socially acceptable version of Jesus is better than them denying Jesus.  We forget that Jesus made it clear that people would walk away.  An argument can be made that most people will walk away.  Jesus is not running in a popularity contest and He certainly does not need your vote.  He is already King of kings and Lord of lords.  We do society a disservice if we spin His Word to make Him more palatable.






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