Finding your way

wesleychapelgoogleFor the first time, this year our church is a dropoff location for Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes.  Anyone who goes to the Samaritan’s Purse OCC web site can find our church listed along with directions to the church.  When I arrived at Wesley Chapel in 2013, it was nearly impossible for anyone who did not know the way to find the church.  We hired a bus company to take a mission team from our church to Reagan Airport last year in April.  They were late getting here because Google Maps took them into Ridgeley, WV 7 miles away.  Through Facebook check-ins and notification after notification to Google to correct the location, we are finally successfully located on Google Maps.  It wasn’t that Google maps was trying to take anyone to the wrong place.  It was doing the best it could.

This could be a parable people about who think they’re going to be reconciled to God and get to heaven by ways other than Jesus.  Jesus said He was the way.  Originally, people who followed Jesus were called “Followers of the Way”.   It’s one thing for someone in another country who does not have access to the information we have about Jesus to be wrong about the path to God, but you and I have no excuse.  Those people may be receiving bad intel.  We have been told.  It’s one thing to have bad directions and not be able to find the way.  It’s entirely different when we have the directions and choose not to believe them.






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