Scare the hell out of me

I wish I had this blog post yesterday, as Halloween would have been the perfect day for that title. 

  Do you ever think about the narrow way Jesus talked about?  I think about it and wonder how narrow it is.  And how wide is the wrong way? What does “few” mean?  Is few the number of people in the membership book at the church compared to the number of people at the local high school or youth football game?  Or is it more narrow?   Is narrow the number of people in church verses the number of people listed in the membership book?  Or is it more narrow?  

I read the results of a disturbing survey from George Barna in his new book America at the Crossroads:  8 of 10 adults in USA claim to be Christian. Half of those attend church at least 1x a month. 33% of them say they would call Christ Savior. And 1 out of 100 of them…..1 out of 100 people would say they have personally surrendered and submitted their lives to Jesus, living for Him!  That’s 1 of 100 of the 8 of 10 who call themselves Christians.  

What if that is the narrow way?  Does this bother you when you think about those you know?  Does it bother you about your own life?  Doesn’t this scare the hell out of you? 

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