It’s the homework

I’m at Duke Divinity School this week for continuing education. Yesterday I sat in on a class about Jonathan Edwards (who in 1741 preached “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” contributing to the Great Awakening). The professor was Grant Wacker who wrote the book “America’s Pastor: Billy Graham and the Shaping of a Nation“.
Today I will sit in on a preaching class by renowned author, preacher, teacher Richard Lischer.  I read one of his books in seminary.  I am realizing I love seminary.  It was all the homework that made me not appreciate seminary at the time.  That’s a ridicous thought, though. 

In the Edwards class yesterday the students were talking about Edwards’ theology, his view of the native Americans in the 1700’s, and so much more.  All I could do is sit back with my uninformed opinions.  While I may have agreed or disagreed with things they said, my thoughts were based only on my own experiences, biases, and what little I know about Edwards and the sermon that I know him for.  Their opinions were based on extensive study.  I was in no position to debate anything they said. 

You all have your opinions about homosexuality, abortion, religion, heaven, hell, wrath, grace, love, and so on.  What’s it based on?  Feelings? Experience?  Or have you done your homework by reading the Bible & listening to teachers/preachers you trust?  The homework is the key. 

My sermon Sunday will be about the  authority of the Word of God. 

George Barna wrote, “…we no longer possess an anchor for truth. In contemporary America, truth is whatever we say it is. We have adopted the mind-set that everyone must determine their own truth, and nobody can question the veracity of that perspective for that individual. Today, everything is up for grabs”.






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