My hope

Everyone has an opinion about last night’s election and through social media, many are expressing it today. Some people have way too much faith in what just happened and others are way too close to moving to Canada. 

It is reminder to me that we all have faith and hope in something.  40% had faith that Clinton was the best hope for our country and 40% have faith that Trump is our best hope.  I’m not in either camp.  We make a mistake when we place too much hope and confidence in people.  

Whoever was elected president was going to have an unenviable and impossible task.  My hope is not in our president, therefore my hope was not in the last two elections, and it’s not in this one either.  

My calling as a follower of Jesus stays the same. Today, I am on a mission trip on my way to help someone recover from WestVirginia  flooding.  I will get in the pulpit Sunday and preach Jesus.  And I will continue to remember our leaders are flawed humans, as am I. 





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