A new way to do a heart cath

I was once with a person in the hospital and the doctor told them they had to have a heart catherization.  In a heart cath they run a small line through your veins to your heart to look at blockages.  The person asked the doctor how many they had done and the doctor said, “15,000” and he had started the program at numerous hospitals.  Then the doctor explained how they would go through the groin to do the procedure. That’s how they’ve done in for decades.

As a pastor, I’ve been with enough people in the hospital to know there is a newer procedure where they run the line though the wrist and many consider it safer and faster.  You can read about it here.  It is a new way to accomplish the same thing.  Sometimes new ways are better.  Sometimes people prefer the old way.  In this case, neither way is wrong.

There is a new way the way the United Methodist Church is tracking church attendance.  We are now instructed to count mid-week ministries in our church attendance.  In other words, being that we average 60 people at our Wednesday night dinner and devotion, the UMC is instructing me to count that average in with our Sunday morning average.  So if a church averages 80 on Sunday and 60 on Wednesday, they would report 140 for their weekly attendance.


My friend Amanda, who rarely misses a Wednesday night dinner.

I had been struggling with that until a pastor friend of mine said this:  “I do think there is an honest recognition that reaching people for Christ may sometimes look different than in generations past.”  And in honor of my friend Amanda who comes to our Wednesday night dinners, I say, “Amen to that”.  We have people who come to our Wednesday nights who do not come on Sundays, yet if anyone on the streets asks them if they go to church they would say, “Yes.  Wesley Chapel in Short Gap”.  They just go on Wednesdays, not Sundays.  And the truth is there are lots of people who are more faithful on Wednesdays than the majority of people are on Sundays.

I believe our typical Sunday morning Church will be around for at least several more decades.  But I also value this new way (which ironically is an old, old way) of the body of Christ gathering together.  And the people who are reached with the same old Gospel in new ways are just as relevant as those who are used to the old ways.





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