What Jesus wants verses what I want

I was talking with someone in Baltimore this week while we were both working at the Operation Christmas Child processing center.  They serve part time with Samaritan’s Purse as volunteer leaders.  We talked about how much we liked serving on mission trips.  I told them I sometimes thought it was difficult to know if participating in missions is something I want or something God wants.  It is OK if it is for both the Lord and me, but not OK if my love for missions is only what I want and not what the Lord wants.  I think this touches on the most difficult thing about following Jesus: “Is it what God wants?” And it’s so hard, if not impossible to know for sure.

what-god-wantsWe had a church board meeting this week and the board was voting on something.  Nearly everyone voted yes, with one or two people voting no.  Were the people who voted yes doing so because they believed it was what God wanted from them?  Were the people who voted no being obedient?  Were all parties involved doing what the Lord wanted?

It is one thing if we consult the Holy Spirit and then follow in the way we believe we are being led.  It is entirely different when we simply do what we want.  Too often in the church it seems like we know how we feel about something and act on that, regardless of what God desires from us.





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One Response to What Jesus wants verses what I want

  1. Ralph Ross says:

    I think if it is God’s will he will make it easy for you become a missionary. Trust your heart. Just from being around you I know where your heart is leading you.

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