God will provide

We have a small team in Haiti. We have been delivering beans and rice.  We brought a bunch of kids blue jeans that we will take to church today for their clothing pantry (whose current stock is just 3 pair of flip flops).  There is another team here staying with us who is building a 15×15 foot home for someone. 

This other team used to come and tell people God loves them, which is true. Then they would ask them to give their lives to Jesus, which is the most important decision one can make. Yet, many Haitians must find it difficult to believe in a God who loves them when their children are starving.  One mother said those exact words to a missionary friend of ours here.  

There is a church here to tell people God loves them. And we can tell the people, too.  But those of us who come to Haiti must do more than tell them.  We must be a part of showing them the God who provides (Jehovah-jireh as Abraham referred to God when he told his son Isaac that God will provide the sacrifice). 

In America, we know the ‘provider’ part of God very well.  Here, they do not.  At home we typically pray for health and safety. Here when we ask them how we can pray for them, they ask us to pray for food, shelter, and education for their children.  They can better believe that God loves them if we show them He does by sharing a little of what he has provided for us. 

“If one of you tells him, “Go in peace; stay warm and well fed,” but does not provide for his physical needs, what good is it?” ~ James 2:16

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