Dull, mundane lives

My better half, Diane, is preparing to get back to Frostburg State University for her last semester.  She will graduate in May.  FSU has a long winter break which ends on January 30.  Over this break she has spent a week in Greenbrier County WV to assist homeowners rebuild from flooding.  She has spent a week in Haiti loving on kids, encouraging missionaries, and delivering beans and rice to people without food.  She went back to a place we used to live to visit and encourage someone who has cancer.  She helped with a dinner to raise money for our local high school band to perform at the Presidential inauguration.  She baked goodies for and served (and will go again Thursday) the local rescue mission to show God’s love to people He loves.  And I could go on.  It was a month of serving Jesus by showing his love.

For the next five months her time will be limited (although she is planning to go back to Greenbrier County for spring break).  She will be deep in the daily routine of a life of homework and classes.  Sometimes, it seems simpler to spot God’s presence delivering beans and rice in Haiti or on mission with Samaritan’s Purse.  Our friend Beth Foreman will be running the Good News Club in Mason County after school today.  She will know God is there among the 85 kids and helpers.  Our friends Ralph and Sally went to Columbus, OH to minister to people living in tents on Saturday.  I guarantee you they knew God was there.  I have all kinds of friends doing cool things for Jesus and you can read about some of them in a previous blog by clicking here.

The challenge in walking with Jesus is recognizing him when the repairman comes to fix your appliances, or finding Him when you’re taking care of the kids or doing the laundry or dishes.  The challenge is knowing God is there when you are at work, school, or pumping gas at the gas station.  And even for missionaries, the “exciting” can easily become the mundane.  Joan Chittister writes, “The person who prays for the presence of God is, ironically, already in the presence of God.  The person who seeks God has already found God to some extent.”  We never need to “find God”.  We only need to give Him our attention, even in the dull, mundane part of our everyday lives.  For the Christian, He is already there, and always there, with you.  He is with you right now as you read these words.

I am with you each and every day until the end of the age.
~ Jesus (Matthew 28:20)

I invite you to listen to the following song, Small Enough:










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