Who you run across today is no accident

I shared with the Wednesday night dinner group last week about meeting the Sears repairman Wednesday morning at the church.  One of our ovens at the church was under warranty and was not working.  He was here to fix it.  I knew there were two ways to look at the Sears repairman coming.
1.) I could look at it as a chance meeting and show him the way to the kitchen and
then tell him I would be upstairs in my office if he needed me.
2.) I could think God had a plan and a reason for our paths crossing that day and
stay with him in the kitchen as he fixed the range.

I went with option #2.  I do not know how He does it, but God simultaneously gives us free will yet still directs our paths.  The God who made the moon and the stars had a reason for bringing us together.  If the young repairman had come a day earlier, I would have been on my way back from Haiti and someone else would have met him at the church.  If the young man had not had his plans changed by a tragic accident several years sooner, he would not have been working for Sears.

When you go about your day, do you think that it is coincidence that you have a certain waiter or waitress at the restaurant?  Do you think it is chance that you are standing next to a person in line at the grocery store?  It could be.  But it could also be that the God who told the waters how far to come upon the shore, has laid out a plan for you for this day: so that an accidental phone call or a trip to the Dollar General because you are out of milk, is all part of a divine conspiracy.

If you look at things as chance and pay no attention to the people (or even the beauty of nature) you run across today and every day, you will likely never know what you have missed.  On the other hand, it is life changing to maintain an attitude that God is in every moment and He is constantly offering you ways to interact with Him and glorify Him through your interactions with others.

And whatever you do, in word or in deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him. ~ Colossians 3:17





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One Response to Who you run across today is no accident

  1. Debra Roush says:

    I believe this to be so true. He has the plan. I so love it when He tugs at your heart, puts that filling in your gut,ECT. You may not see it right then, but Gods hands are all over it. Then when you realize it you say. Wow thank you Lord.

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