God is aware of you


Diane showing God’s love in hugs as we deliver rice and beans in Haiti.

When I go places on mission I frequently tell people to whom we are ministering some version of this:  God has not forgotten you.  When delivering rice and beans in Haiti, I tell people that God loves them, has not forgotten them, and sent us there to hand them the beans and rice.  When we go on domestic mission trips here in the USA with Samaritan’s Purse, I often write notes to the people we’re helping (in books that SP eventually gives to homeowners), “May our presence be evidence of His love for you.”  I believe that with all my being.

And what brings this to mind is something I read from Joan Chittister this morning.  My summary goes this way:  “The God whom you seek is aware of you and is seeking you.”  It is beyond believable that there is a God who made the earth and everything we can see in the universe.  And then add to that, this same God so cares about you that, through Jesus, He left his heavenly throne to come to earth and live among people and die on the cross for you.  Of course, he did it for everyone, but do not overlook the fact that He did it for you, too.

We try to make Him into our image, and that would make it difficult for Him to keep track of billions of people.  He’s not like us.  It’s not difficult for Him.  He is keeping track of you.  He is aware of you.  And He loves you.  His Word tells you so.  In addition, He told me to tell you this.  And He obviously led you to read it.







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1 Response to God is aware of you

  1. Janice Smith says:

    When SP was here at my home, the evidence of his presence was everywhere, everyday. What a wonderful ministry you’re involved with. May His presence go before you each day and bathe you in His glory.

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