Why we go to church

Something about attending church occurred to me this morning through one of my readings.  Some people go to church to be filled and some go to be fueled.  Let me explain in a parable.

When I go to Cici’s Pizza, my intention walking in the door is to be filled.  If I was going for the purpose of being fueled, I would stop after the salad and breadsticks and maybe a little side bowl of pasta.  That would be plenty to “fuel” me.  But I do not go to Cici’s to be fueled.  For my body to be properly fueled does not require four pieces of the fat crust pizza with the cheese baked into the edge of the crust, two pieces of classic crust pepperoni, two pieces of pizza with mac and cheese on top, a plate of the cheese bread sticks with alfredo sauce, and 6 cinnamon rolls, making sure to pick those with the most cinnamon sugar and icing.  (Don’t judge me and don’t act all innocent).  The truth of the matter is that eating all that works against my body.  Instead of fueling my body, it fills my body to the point of lethargy.  If you want to be filled, there are plenty of choices out there.  If you want to be fueled, you have to be more choosy.

If we would look at church as a re-fueling so that we can be ready to do God’s work in the world, church would be different.  And our lives would be different.  Instead, going to church to be filled is seen by too many as the point of our faith, instead of the means by which we live out our faith.  The point of following Jesus is not so we can go to church.  We should go to church so that we can more closely follow Jesus, so we can cast aside every weight, and so we can hear the plan God has for His people, fueling us to take the church into the world.






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