Peace, not as the world gives

what-me-worrySomeone said to me once that they were sure hoping that someone who died was a Christian.  And they meant that they hoped the person had trusted in Jesus for salvation.  I said, “Well, at this point you may as well assume they were and they did.  What is done is done.”  There are enough things to worry about without worrying about things you cannot change from yesterday.

Sometimes I think I am weird because I rarely worry about anything any more.  That’s not to say my heart does not ache.  I know a married couple, friends of mine and Diane’s, one of whom is dying right now.  My heart aches for them.  This past Saturday I was part of a funeral for someone who died much too young and my heart aches for the family.  A grandmother in our church just lost a granddaughter to drugs.  My heart aches for her.  And to share something very personal:  We have a son who has applied to grad school and is in need of further schooling or a job where he can use his geology degree from Brown University (in case you know anyone who could help).  Sometimes my heart aches for him in this season of his life that must seem like a wilderness.  (And Diane is probably crying after reading that, because I am certain her heart aches for him, too.)  And I could easily go on about other things.  As a pastor, people often confide in me so many things I could worry about.  While I occasionally cry over things, I find I rarely worry about anything.  And I know that must sound crazy.

But it is my firm belief that there is a God who created the universe and created me.  I also believe He loves me, and I know I love Him.  And I believe anything that comes my way, He has allowed.  I trust Him, because He knows things I do not.

I’m like a kid watching a parade through a knot-hole in the fence, and He is like a drone seeing everything, including where they line up to begin the parade, the entire parade route, and the band dispersing and the floats being taken apart at the end of the parade.

I see worry in myself as a lack of trust in Him.  And even as my heart aches over things at times, I do not let that ache debilitate me and steal my peace.  And this is how I understand what Jesus meant when He said:

“I am leaving you with a gift–peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give.  So don’t be troubled or afraid.” (John 14:27, NLT)

I pray that you would find peace.






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