On not being ashamed of our scars or our current battles

img_9243I have a couple of Samaritan’s Purse t-shirts that some people would consider unsuitable to wear in public.  One has paint splatters on the front (or it might more likely be drywall mud).  The other one has black residue from hot shingles that I earned on a roof in Oklahoma.  I do not wear them just because they have these marks on them, nor do I avoid wearing them.  I just pick a shirt out of my closet and wear it.  Today I happened to grab the one pictured with the white splatters.  It might just be me, but I find it strange that anyone would find this shirt unsuitable to wear in public. It is a clean shirt that happens to have some “battle scars” on it.  And this makes me think of the things we hide.

The church is just about as guilty as any group of people of hiding things from each other and from God.  While we can hide things from each other, we can not hide things from God.

“O God, it is You who knows my folly, And my wrongs are not hidden from You.” ~ Psalm 69:5

My favorite writing about this subject is from The Knowledge of the Holy by AW Tozer:

…how unutterably sweet is the knowledge that our Heavenly Father knows us completely. No talebearer can inform on us, no enemy can make an accusation stick; no forgotten skeleton can come tumbling out of some bidden closet to abash us and expose our past; no unsuspected weakness in our characters can come to light to turn God away from us, since He knew us utterly before we knew Him and called us to Himself in the full knowledge of everything that was against us.

You not only do not have to hide things from Him, but you can not hide things from Him.  He knows you, everything about you, and everything you have done….and He loves you.





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