When you get off course

This morning when I went into the church sanctuary, as I always do I looked to see if the Roomba was docked.  For those who do not know, the Roomba is an automatic carpet vacuum.  Once in a while it’s stuck somewhere in the sanctuary or one of the rooms behind the sanctuary.  There are so many places for the Roomba to get hung up in the sanctuary.  Speaker and microphone cords, the organ, the piano, and where I often find it and found it today: under the computer desk (the computer we use for worship).  I keep the chair pushed in, but that Roomba is persistent and often manages to scoot the chair/legs so it can get under the desk.  It does the same thing with the doors to the rooms behind the sanctuary.  If they are not latched, the Rooma will bump them open and keep pushing them open and then get stuck in a back room.  Once it gets under the desk or in a back room, it nearly always gets hung up and stays there trying to escape until the battery runs dead.  It is forever there until moved by an outside force.  In this case, it is always me.  I come in the next morning and find it hung up and I pick it up and carry it back to and place it on the charging base.  When I do, the lights begin to flash and it soaks up the electricity, being recharged until it is finally able to go back out and carry on with the task of cleaning the carpet.

This morning I thought about how many times I am like the Roomba.  God closes doors, and I pry them open.  God places an obstacle in my path to guide me in a different direction and I keep bumping and bumping up against it until I get by it, thinking that my persistence is a good thing.  I tell myself that the Scripture says to keep on knocking (does it?).  I remind myself of the persistent widow.

Sometimes the place I have worked myself in to is a situation or physical place, and other times it is merely in my mind.  And when I work myself into these places from which I cannot escape, it is only the grace of God that rescues me.  Sometimes it is because I cry out to Him.  Sometimes it is because He knows I have neither the strength or wisdom to do so.  Psalm 40, verse 2 recalls David’s words: “He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire. He set my feet on solid ground and steadied me as I walked along.”  The Psalm of David continues with, “He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God…”

When you get into one of those places and feel as if there is nothing more you can do, try to muster the strength to do one more thing – cry out to Jesus.  And if you can not, do not fear because He knows when you do not even have the strength to do that.

The song I placed at the bottom from Third Day comes to mind, but also if you have time, please listen to this song from Andrew Peterson. “Hold on, whatever you do to the hope that’s taken a hold of you.”







Praise you in this storm.


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