What I love about the Robin

Last night we got about 8 inches of snow.  We have a large deck on the back of the house with a garage under it.  I was shoveling this morning around the back of our home, but I don’t have to shovel under the deck because the snow stays on the deck.  A robin flew under the deck where there was still bare grass.  It was within 10 feet of where I was working.  Robins are different than all the other birds that are around us in that they do not fly away when we are around them.  Sure, they keep their distance, but they do not flee.  We have bird feeders and routinely have three types of woodpeckers, we have mockingbirds, nuthatches, sparrows, wrens, cardinals, blue jays, the tufted titmouse, and more.  Every one of them fly into the woods next to us any time we are outside.  But not the robin.  There’s something different about the robin.  They are cautious, yet not fearful.  I am no bird expert, but it is almost as if they know something the other birds do not know.

That’s how I see myself as a follower of Jesus.  I know I am saved by Him and I have nothing to fear.  I know that whatever comes my way, even if He has not caused it, He has allowed it.  I am cautious, but not afraid.

There is to be something different about us as His children.  We have a new nature placed within us that helps us live differently than those who are living in the flesh… those living within their old nature.  Our old nature causes us to be bitter, fearful, unforgiving, worrisome, unfulfilled, and selfish, to name a few.  The new, fresh Spirit within us changes us.   And just as I notice something different about the robin, the world should be able to tell there is something different about us.







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