God knows

In 2012, Diane and I were at a New Year’s Eve party at the home of Dave & Shelly Barr.  We met a pastor friend of theirs named Brian Harkness. Brian is the one who told me about Samaritan’s Purse mission trips.  Diane and I have a team of 9 on mission with SP this week in Greenbrier County, WV.

Last night I got a text from David Barr asking me if I was working on a green home in White Suplher Springs.  I said yes.  Knowing Dave is not on Facebook, I asked him how he knew.  He said Shelly saw Diane’s Facebook post.  Dave said that’s the same home Brian worked on last week and Dave sent me a picture he received from Brian with last week’s snow blanketing the home and grounds. I then looked at the pictures they post weekly of the teams in the hall of the church that serves as our base here in Lewisburg. Sure enough, Brian’s picture was there.

As things like this situation play out five years later, people have a tendency to think, “Isn’t that a coincidence?” But I don’t think that way any longer. I understand that the God who created everything, including free will, must have been sitting back laughing on that New Year’s Eve five years ago knowing that His guidance and our obedience was going one to have us shaking our heads and saying, “God works in amazing ways.”  And He surely has a sense of humor.

And on the other hand, He is also not caught off guard when the difficult times come.  His guidance and our obedience will help us through them.  And if we can’t appreciate that fact in the valley, we will certainly be able to look back on it one day and see how He was at work. God is good all the time. All the time, God is Good.





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