Fake News, Arguing with Bots, & what to believe

Do you ever read the comments on an online news article?  I occasionally read them.  I do not think I have ever left a comment.  If you choose to comment on many sites, they force you to comment through your Facebook account.  There are crazy people who have fake Facebook accounts just so they can write things and not have other crazy people driving up to their door to confront them about their comments.  To take the absurdity a step further, there are computer programs known as bots that are programmed to create fictional identities and leave comments.  This means there are real people with fake identities arguing with computers posing as people in the online comment sections.  I read one place that estimates that as many as 40% of the comments left on the Instagram accounts of national brands (think Nike, McDonalds, etc.) are left by bots.  Amazon has gotten to the point that they now will give a “Certified Buyer” tag line on some product reviews to let the consumer know that it’s a real review from a real person who actually bought the product.

It’s getting harder and harder to know what is real and true.  The terms “Fake News” and “Alternative Facts” are everyday terms in our current American culture.  Some people think the truth keeps changing and others think everyone is entitled to their own individual truth.  The Apostle Paul offers up warnings in numerous places about things that are false, both things he dealt with at the time and things that would eventually arise.  Paul tells his protege Timothy to hold fast and guard the truth entrusted to him (2 Timothy 1:14).

A week from Sunday is Easter and I will stand at the front of the church and proclaim the truth that Jesus rose from the dead to conquer death because of His great love for you.  The world would call it a myth.   Just remember, the world often lies to you.





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2 Responses to Fake News, Arguing with Bots, & what to believe

  1. Perfect application that is needed in this day and age! And this comment did not come from a bot 😉 LoL

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