An easy fix we keep putting off

I have a year and a half old pair of shoes that have shoe strings that are frayed at the ends and too long.  Yesterday, for what must have been the 600th time, I stepped on one of the shoestrings and untied the shoe.  Something snapped in me and I immediately grabbed a pair of scissors and took 3 -4 inches off of both ends of both shoe strings and then retied the shoes.  It only took me a few seconds and I predict that my days of stepping on a shoestring and untying it and then re-tying it is done.  (At this moment, I wonder how many calories I have burned off in the last 18 months bending over and re-tying my shoes.)  It is such a simple solution and was so easy that I am wondering why it took me so long to do it.

It is only after we take action, with things that are simple or even things that are difficult, that we look back and see how much better off we are.  It is only after we quit drinking, only after we quit smoking, only after we lose weight, only after we go on the mission trip, that we can look back and wonder why it took us so long to take action that results in a better way for ourselves and those we love.

The same can be said for salvation.  Once we get it, and once we accept the gift of salvation, we wonder how we let it go so long.  If you know you are saved, I thank God that you are my brother or sister in Christ.  If you have not yet asked Christ to forgive you and accepted His gift on the cross, what are you waiting for?





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