When your problems appear big

Tonight we have a beautiful moon. And right next to it is Jupiter. The moon is big and bright, lighting up the sky and the earth. Jupiter is but a dot next to the moon.  But the truth is that Jupiter is 318 times bigger than earth.  If all the other planets in our solar system were rolled into one, Jupiter would still be 2.5 times bigger that the super planet we would come up with.  It’s not that the moon is big and Jupiter is small; that is just how we perceive it from our limited perspective. 

You know where I’m going, right?  Our problems always seem bigger than they really are and God never really appears as big as He truly is.  If we could only change our perspective, we would realize that things are not what they seem. Understanding we are loved by the God who created Jupiter should be a reminder that our problems will not last and will not defeat us. He’s a big, big God.  And He loves you. 





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