Getting all I have available to me

When Diane got a new car, her old car became my everyday driver.  I was driving a mini van.  I still have the van, but now I just drive it when I need a van.  I primarily drive the 2009 Hyundai Accent.  The van got 18 miles a gallon and had a 15 gallon tank.  The Accent gets 30 miles a gallon and has a 10 gallon tank.

I always take advantage of the gas points system at Martin’s grocery store.  I almost always get a significant discount and sometimes get free gas.  When you get free gas they limit you to filling one vehicle up to 25 gallon.  Of course, people take gas cans.  Before I would take my van when it was empty and I would take two 5 gallon gas cans, getting my 25 free or discounted gallons.  Yesterday I was going to get free gas, and it was the first time I took the Hyundai, with its 10 gallon capacity tank.  I only owned 2 gas cans.  You don’t have to be a math wizard to know I was going to leave 5 free gallon of gas unclaimed.  And it would be a recurring problem.  So what do I do?  You’re right. I stop and buy another 5 gallon gas can.  It was $20.  The next time I get free gas, I will be ahead.  I didn’t (and don’t) want to miss any of the free gas I could/can get.

As I was standing there pumping gas, I began thinking how I did not want to miss any of the free gas I can get, and how that relates to what Jesus has for me.  Do I want everything that Jesus has for me?  I often hear of or even talk to people who want just enough Jesus to get to heaven.  Do I have to go to church?  Will 50% church attendance and giving $20 a week to the church do it?  What is the minimum I can do to go to heaven?

Too many are content to wade in the shallow end of faith, not willing nor wanting to go into the deep to get all He has for us in this life.  We often fail to realize that Jesus has so much more for us if we are willing to receive it.  I want all He has for me.  Whatever I have to do and wherever I have to go, I want to do and go.

Ponder this:  If someone is only wanting the minimum, do they really have Jesus at all?







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2 Responses to Getting all I have available to me

  1. In response to your ending question: my mother always says that Jesus should not just be fire insurance. Being Christian is not about what you can get from God, but about what you can give or do because you love God.

    • Amen. Your mom has it right. I also like the saying, “If your faith isn’t strong enough to get you to church, it’s probably not strong enough to get you to heaven.”

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