When you realize you have idols

Over the weekend I took the Emergency Vehicle driving class that took place at Frankfort High School, about a half mile from where we live.  In October I joined the Short Gap Volunteer Fire Company so I could drive the ambulance when there was nobody else to drive it.  I picked up a donut yesterday morning thinking it was white cream filled and it turns out it was “pudding” filled.  It was not as if I could throw it away, but it was not worth the calories.  I was stuck eating it.  I am not particularly fond of custard filled donuts.  I love, love white icing cream filled ones.  Do you ever poke the chocolates in a box of chocolates?  Then you are the type who feel my pain over the donut.

Because I was taking the class, I presented my sermon yesterday on video.  When I did the video on Friday, I had been told by people who were told by people that I would be able to be in church on Sunday.  I did the video as a backup plan and it turns out I had to be at the school and could not be in church, so the video was shown.  I am not sure how it went over.  I know that people were expecting me to be here and I was not.  Some probably felt like I felt with the donut.  I remember one time a group of us were on a mission trip in Dallas.  We went to the Village Church in Flower Mound, TX to hear pastor Matt Chandler preach in person and he was not feeling well so they showed a video from a sermon the day before.  We had even checked to see if he was going to be there for that service and they said yes.  I was really disappointed.  Then I realized I had made Matt Chandler an idol.  I hope nobody felt that way yesterday listening to my sermon on video.  I do not often speak about idols in the church, but we all have them.  For some, it is the same seat.  For some it is the style of worship. For some it is the music.  And sadly, for many it is the pastor.  I am guilty of it, too.  A conference in Cumberland? Who is going to be there? Francis Chan? I’m in.  A guy I have never heard of from a small church in Cumberland?  I will be too tired that evening.

Today is just a friendly reminder to all of us that we all need to be careful about who or what we worship.  Whatever you do, do not schlep this off believing you do not have any idols.  We all do.  We have to be careful we do not place them above Jesus.





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